What can I expect here?

People- a good mix of varying generations and walks of life who have gathered to fellowship with God and one another.

Worship - styles vary from classic hymns to a new contemporary style and may look and sound very different from week to week. The important thing is not style, but our hearts being turned towards God, in praise and adoration for He is truly a Good God.

Messages that are:

- Biblically based

- relevant for every day life

- practical and challenging

Children - we have a nursery with audio for those mothers who are still nursing and we have a supervised nursery for ages 1-3. We also have our Flipside ministry for children ages 4-12. (Please note that we do have a sign-in for all children and ask that you look for it in the foyer as you come in).

Message in Tongues? - often in the middle of worship, you may here someone speaking in a language that is unknown to you, followed by someone who speaks in english. 1 Corinthians speaks of this as being the gifts of tongues and interpretation. Essentially, the person speaking in another language is giving a message from the Lord which is then interpreted (not necessarily exactly translated but explained) in english for the benefit and encouragement of the Church. This is often a large topic of question for many, and we encourage you to ask questions to any of our Church staff or leaders, and more importantly to God. Look through the Bible and see what It says about this topic.

Prayer - During the service, opportunity is typically given for people to share things they would like the Church to pray for, or to give testimony to God's faithfulness in their life. We pray for them as a group, and at times will invite others to come alongside and pray for those who have given a specific request. It is a crucial and powerful time for us as believers to stand with each other through the difficulties of life.

  - Also, during the latter half of worship, we do have leaders available on the sides of the auditorium for those who would like to pray with someone.

Money? - every service there is an opportunity for Church members and regular attendees to give of their finances to the work of the Church. Please feel no obligation as a guest to participate in giving. If you do choose to become a member or regular attender, we do encourage giving as it's an important part of being a disciple of Jesus Christ and being a part of a Church community. If you have questions about giving, please contact one of our staff or Church leaders.